Hi folks, my name is Marc Jung.
Some of us have tougher times than others because of circumstances we can`t control. So it was for me too. In the age of 3 I was a victim of a terrible accident at the flight show in Ramstein. I suffered deep burns and I spent a big part of my youth in hospitals. However I have learnt that everybody is responsible for one’s predicament. But it takes inspiration from other fellow human beeings. Today as I am all right and I am doing very well in IT industry, it`s on me to inspire. My company 4P invites disadvantaged young people to apply for a traineeship in IT. If you feel that you could not make you way due to unexpected circumstances, please apply for the 1 year payed traineeship and start a career in IT industry. Proceed your path – 4P will support you.
Marc Jung




Why do we offer the program?

Everybody can succeed dispite unfavorable conditions.

Great commitment is more important than ideal conditions.

Everybody deserves a chance.

What do we expect?

Strong commitment and enthusiasm.

Absolute determination.

Interest in IT.