4Partners s. à r. l.

1 rue Jean-Pierre Brasseur

L-1258 Luxembourg



Tel +352 2654 0808

Registration number: 114003

TVA number: LU 21432917

Managing Director: Zino-Michael Hemgesberg

Registered: 2006

4Partners is a software company in Luxembourg with long standing experience in

Designing and implementing of individual software solutions
for the private and public sector

Supporting of costumer software development teams

Development of databases and applications

Intergrating in complex existing software systems

Service and support

IT consulting

Technology stack

As a specialty: 4thDimension, a rich-client platform for database applications

on Windows and Macintosh

RPC (remote procedure call), SOAP (simple object access protocol) REST

(representational state transfer) for machine-to-machine (M2M)

communication (web services)

Other: HTML, XML, JSON, Javascript, PHP, SQL

4Partners is selling a self designed management and accounting software „MAP“

for commercial use.